2016 Olympic Bid: International/National Coverage

By Sachi Yoshitsugu and Emily Torem

A breakdown of how the international and national media covered Chicago’s early exit from the 2016 Olympic bid:

Huffington PostAn Olympic Snub Oct. 2 – Picture and news updates on Huffington Post’s home page, with full video of Rio’s “Final Pitch.”

BBC News2016 decision in photos Oct. 2 – Slideshow of last night’s speeches, Obama’s arrival in Copenhagen, Brazilian soccer legend Pele, and crowds of Chicagoans gathering in Daley Plaza in Chicago with more pictures to be come.

El PaisRío de Janeiro gana, Madrid dice adiós al sueño olímpico [Rio de Janeiro wins, Madrid says goodbye to the Olympic dream.]

[translate here.]

NY Times – Chicago Pleads its Case to Host Olympics in 2016

NPR – Makes Pitch For Chicago to Get Olympics

The Washington Post – Morning Fix: An Olympic Boom or Bust?

LA Times – Obama On Chicago’s Olympic Bid: ‘The Most American of American Cities’

LA Times – Chicago’s swift elimination as 2016 Olympics host Oct. 2 8:57 a.m. – Pictures of dumbfounded Chicago 2016 supporters after Chicago’s early elimination.

Time – What Becomes of Olympic Stadiums? Oct. 2 – Photo essay of past olympic stadiums and what they are today.

ESPN – Windy City Blown Away Oct. 2 – Live video of bid announcement and crowd reactions.

Slate – Chicago Loses, Nerds Win Oct. 2 11:45 a.m – Early critics of the bid like No Games Chicago, argued that the Chicago 2016 committee’s message to IOC relied too much on emotion, not enough on the logistics.

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