ChicagoStorytelling.com is the online studio for Mike Reilley’s graduate and undergraduate classes at DePaul University’s College of Communication.

The site features profiles of interesting people and covers urban issues and stories in the Chicagoland area. The projects featured here teach students multimedia storytelling techniques.

Throughout the quarter, student journalists post stories and features to the site, distribute links to them through social media and apply what they have learned in their classes.

The site’s content is protected by a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same, similar or a compatible license. We also ask that you attribute and link to any student work you use from this site.

If you have questions or comments, send a note to Mike Reilley at mreille1@depaul.edu

And feel free to link to our site, Tweet it or feature it on your blog. Hey, we need the traffic!

Student Blogs: News Now, Fall 2010

Kristen Aguirre’s Blog | Twitter

Matt Bailey’s Blog | Twitter

Rashanah Baldwin’s Blog | Twitter

Ben Craig’s Blog | Twitter

Andy Devine’s Blog | Twitter

Catherine Durkin’s Blog | Twitter

Sally Fitz’s Blog | Twitter

Luz Garcia Cubillos’s Blog | Twitter

Jill Jacoby’s Blog | Twitter

Len Kody’s Blog | Twitter

Rob Larson’s Blog | Twitter

Yanyue Liu’s Blog | Twitter

Ewa Lyczewska’s Blog | Twitter

Louis McGill’s Blog | Twitter

Nick Moroni’s Blog | Twitter

Fatimah Salami’s Blog | Twitter

Julie Sammarco’s Blog | Twitter

Lora Swarts’s Blog | Twitter

Katherine Tellez’s Blog | Twitter

Rima Thompson’s Blog | Twitter

Amber Tweedie’s Blog | Twitter

Mollie Zubek’s Blog | Twitter

Student Blogs: Online Journalism I, Fall 2010

Leonel Alvarez’s Blog | Twitter

Allison Barinholtz’s Blog | Twitter

Lauren Camplin’s Blog | Twitter

Maria Cannata’s Blog | Twitter

Jim Crago’s Blog | Twitter

Tessa Fegen’s Blog | Twitter

Vincent Floress’s Blog | | Twitter

Katie Fraser’s Blog | Twitter

Katie Karpowicz’s Blog | Twitter

Beth Kotz’s Blog | Twitter

Jimmy Lobus’s Blog | Twitter

Vi Nguyen’s Blog | Twitter

Nathan Otten-Sanders’s Blog | Twitter

Nimrah Pervez’s Blog | Twitter

Erin Piddington’s Blog | Twitter

Audrey Plank’s Blog | Twitter

Elizabeth Schuetz’s Blog | Twitter

Phillip Shilling’s Blog | Twitter

Nick Tarantino’s Blog | Twitter

Zach Thomas’s Blog | Twitter

Sarah Vonnegut’s Blog | Twitter

Kellen Winters’s Blog | Twitter

Student Blogs: Online Journalism I, Spring 2010

Alaina Africano’s Blog | Twitter

Maria Baglien | Twitter

Tom Butala | Twitter

Trish Donovan | Twitter

Rob Fidler | Twitter

Laura Fitzgerald | Twitter

Matt Gentile | Twitter

Leah Hendrickson | Twitter

Jane Intrieri | Twitter

Katrina Kopeck | Twitter

Katelyn Lorenz | Twitter

James Mazurek | Twitter

Rachel Metea | Twitter

Jeremy Mikula | Twitter

Alan Piatek | Twitter

Dan Ruano | Twitter

Leena Saleh | Twitter

Katie Schweiker | Twitter

Kelly Stotmeister | Twitter

Courtney Sturgeon | Twitter

Ali Trumbull | Twitter

Julian Zeng | Twitter

Student Blogs: Reporting for Converged Newsrooms, Spring 2010

Kristen Aguirre

Cassandra Bowman

Ally Clark

Catherine Durkin

Charlotte Eriksen

Andrew Fleury

Luz Garcia

Ambar Gilmore

Lauren Howard

Maham Khan

Ashley Kohler

Audrey Leon

Louis McGill

Kristin Rencher

Katie Rosebrock

Jillian Wolande

Student Blogs: News Now, Winter 2010

Victoria Beeks

Kim Dunbar

Ike Gioshvili

Randell Golman

Christine Hurley

Andy Kahn

Maham Khan

Maria Khan

Marin Kolev

Essence McDowell

Brian Miller

John Niederkorn

Morgan Ottier

Araceli Pedroza

PJ Randhawa

Kara Schawk

Cicely Teal

Mary Velan

Aixa Velez

A.Jay Wagner

Lars Weborg

Mary Beth Weissmueller

Stephanie Williams

Student Blogs: Online Journalism I, Fall 2009

Camelia Rodriguez

Forrest Davis

Sam Kraft

Manuel Argueta

Tina Yeo

Ashley Boll

Sachi Yoshitsugu

Nico Hagopian

Jessica Ernst

Hinalee Darbar

Christa Yan

Caitlin Hacker

Emily Torem

Katie Nelson

Poppy Peterson

Alexis Pelayo

Kevin Dempsey

Stephanie Bork

Cheryl Waity

Jake Scott

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