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Chicago’s Gold Coast a Hot Spot for Yogis

Charlotte Brecht Munn rises before dawn to teach yoga in Chicago

Editor’s Note: This is one in a series of stories about what happens in Chicago overnight.

By Ashley Kohler

It is still dark outside, but the yellow lights on Division Street illuminate the studio windows. It is 5:15 a.m. on a Tuesday and 26 year-old Charlotte Brecht Munn is preparing for a 6 a.m. Hot Power Fusion Yoga class at the Corepower Yoga on 12 W. Maple St. in the Gold Coast.

The tall blond, wearing a black zip up hoodie with white polka dots, prepares the room and gets ready to check-in her students before class.

“I want people to know they don’t have to feel crappy anymore,” Munn said when asked how yoga can change an average person’s life. “Yoga is not a routine, it is a way of life. Yoga is a way for people to stop feeling pain, regain energy, and feel good about themselves.”

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Eastern Medicine Gives Chicagoans an Alternative

By Ally Clark, Katie Rosebrock and Luz Garcia Cubillos

Audio Slideshow: Watch this photo slideshow about the cupping technique.

William Wright has been coming to see Kent Young, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who practices in Chicago’s Chinatown, off and on for nine years. Wright was originally referred to Young by his Tai-Chi instructor after suffering a knee injury.

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Clinic Keeps Animals Comfortable and Safe

Veterinarian Shane Mason

Shane Mason updates a patient's file at Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services. The overnight clinic on the Northwest Side treats many pets, strays and other animals. (Photo by Katie Rosebrock)

By Katie Rosebrock

Fluorescent lights fill every corner of the room, a stark contrast to the darkness outside. Inside everything is bright, and calming, from the paint on the walls to the bright blue uniforms of the front desk staff, to the glow of the televisions. But the people in the room are anything but cheery.

Distress, worry and sadness show on the faces of the half dozen or so people waiting in the room. It’s well after midnight and the waiting room at Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services on the Northwest Side is filled with several families and patients.

Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services is a full-service veterinary office dedicated to feline and canine medical emergencies. An average night sees dozens of patients coming through the doors of the clinic, located at 3123 N. Clybourn Ave.

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How Chicago Aided Haiti Earthquake Survivors

There was much fanfare and media coverage of the Haiti earthquake evacuees when the filed off airplanes at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport in late January. But what happened to the evacuees after the spotlight was turned off?

ChicagoStorytelling’s Jon Niederkorn, Maham Khan Amed and Ike Gioshvili reported this story for Chicago-centric site Gapers Block about what has happened to the people who survived one of the worst earthquakes in history.

Audio Slideshow: How Chicago helped the Haiti evacuees.

Chicago’s Latino Street Vendors Seek Justice

ChicagoStorytelling’s Aixa Velez and Araceli Pedroza wrote a story for Chicago-centric Web site Gapers Block about how Chicago’s Latino street vendors are battling the city over permits that will allow them to serve warm food to customers.

Audio Slideshow: What are the Elotes served by Latino street vendors, and how is one street vendor in the Little Village neighborhood making ends meet?

Chicago’s Dumpster-Diving Treasures

NYC Bagel Dumpster Photo

This dumpster behind N.Y.C. Bagel at 1001 W. North Ave. shows how much food can go to waste. (Photo by Sachi Yoshitsugu)

Audio Slideshow: Chicago’s Dumpster-Diving Treasures.

Research shows that the United States spends $1 billion a year disposing of food waste.

Just walk down any alley behind Chicago restaurants, bars, grocery stores and bakeries, and you can see for yourself.

ChicagoStorytelling’s Nico Hagopian, Sachi Yoshitsugu and Alexis Pelayo did just that in reporting on food waste and “dumpster diving” — also known as freegans — who dine on what others toss into a dumpster.