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Street Musicians Tell Their Stories Through Song

Sheldon Harris Photo

Sheldon Harris plays the Jackson Red Line stop. (Photo by Forrest Davis)

Audio Slideshow: ChicagoStorytelling’s Forrest Davis and Kevin Dempsey interview street musicians Sheldon Harris and Kevin A. Martin about their experiences playing in the subway.

Story by Jake Scott

Many people walk by a street musician with a preconceived notion that the performers are homeless or drug addicts with no talent.

But that’s not true, says Chicago street performer Sheldon Harris.

Harris performs in the Jackson Red Line subway stop, often playing nineties acoustic rock. He doesn’t make much money, but he said it is better when he travels to Europe to play.

Harris said he does not play for the money. For him, misconceptions are placed aside and people go to play their music just to present it to an audience of commuters, tourists and passersby.

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A Night at The Abbey Pub …

The Abbey Pub

(Slideshow Photos and Audio by Sam Kraft and Emily Torem)

The Abbey Pub is a full-service restaurant, bar and music venue that is open seven nights a week. The establishment, located at 3420 W. Grace St. in Chicago, plays host to many different types of music and attracts a diverse audience.

On Nov. 6, ChicagoStorytelling’s Emily Torem and Sam Kraft took a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into producing a show at The Abbey.

They interviewed Chicago funk/soul band The O My’s and discussed how their type of music fit into the Chicago music scene. Also performing that night were singer-songwriter Rebecca Hill and electronic duo Warren Buckley.

Audio Slideshow: A Night at The Abbey Pub.

Dance Company Show Honors Miles Davis

Video: Footage from a Nov. 14 performance that paid tribute to the music of Miles Davis.

By Poppy Peterson and Katie Nelson

The Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre is a non-profit, Chicago-based dance troupe founded by longtime partners, Joe Cerqua and Wilfredo Rivera and their friend, Matt Lamb.

The theatre is full of enthusiastic dancers that come from various backgrounds and have all been formally trained. Along with dancing with the troupe, the performers have full-time day jobs.

The troupe’s theatre is located at 1147 W. Jackson Blvd. and features performances, representing different themes and time periods. The ensemble mixes modern, jazz and ballet dancing to express the accompanying music and art.

For more information about the dance company: