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My First Post

Three websites I love to read:

  1. Washington Post
  2. New York Times
  3. The Red Line Project
  4. Los Angeles Times

Poll: Whom Do You Think Will Win the World Series?

Pick the World Series Winner

Nonprofit Organization Aims to Cut into Veterans Benefits Delay

Joe Franzese Photo

Joe Franzese talks about how nonprofit organizations help with delays for veterans benefits. (Photo/Mike Reilley)

By Lindsey Nemcek

U.S. military veterans must deal with delays in federal services because of an overwhelming number of soldiers returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, but grassroots organizations in Illinois and other states are stepping in to fill the gaps.

Less than two years old, the nonprofit Warrior to Warrior Volunteer Veteran Program is one of those grassroots organizations who help Illinois veterans with the problems they face when returning back to civilian life.

“When a veteran gets out, they are entitled to benefits due to their disability,” said Joe Franzese, Warrior to Warrior program coordinator and Iraq War veteran. “With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, [the government] didn’t anticipate them lasting 12 years. They weren’t prepared for the amount of veterans coming out and needing the VA services.”

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Twitter Embed Example: Grammar Rules

Twitter Embed: Seven Grammar Rules to Pay Attention to

Document Cloud: Trumbull Elementary Complaint

A group of supporters of Trumbull Elementary School on Chicago’s North Side filed a complaint against Chicago Public Schools in U.S. District Court in hopes of reopening the school.

Trumbull was one of 50 schools closed by CPS last spring. Ultimately, Trumbull lost its case in a ruling by the court in August.