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Video: Chicagoans React to 2016 Olympic Defeat

The crowd at Daley Plaza quickly fell quiet when Chicago was eliminated. (Photo by Caitlin Hacker)

The crowd at Daley Plaza quickly fell quiet when Chicago was eliminated. (Photo by Caitlin Hacker)

ChicagoStorytelling’s Forrest Davis and Katie Karpowicz interviewed people at Daley Plaza Friday about the city’s stunning first-round elimination in the 2016 Olympic bid decision by the International Olympic Committee.

Rio de Janeiro, the favorite to win the bid, defeated Madrid, 66-32, in the final round of voting by the IOC. Tokyo, the other of the four finalists, was eliminated in the second round.

Chicago’s early exit left many observers surprised, considering President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey played key roles on the bid team.

Rio’s win marks the first time an Olympic Games will be held in South America.

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Slideshow: 2016 Olympic Event at Daley Plaza

Daley Plaza Reaction

Daley Plaza reaction after the 2016 Olympic announcement. (Photo by Poppy Peterson)

ChicagoStorytelling’s Poppy Peterson, Jake Scott, Forrest Davis, Caitlin Hacker and Kevin Dempsey shot photos of the scene at Daley Plaza on Friday morning as Chicagoans reacted to the city’s early exit from the 2016 Olympic Bid.

Watch their slideshow.

Olympic Loss a Downer in Daley Plaza

The crowd at Daley Plaza just after the announcement. (Photo by Jake Scott)

The crowd at Daley Plaza just after the announcement. (Photo by Jake Scott)

By Kevin Dempsey and Jake Scott

It went from high hopes, to the lowest of lows Friday as Chicago lost its bid for the 2016 Olympics with a last-place finish.

Outside of Daley Plaza, a crowd gathered to show support for the city’s bid and watch results. Within a moment, several in the crowd were stunned when they learned that Chicago lost in the first round of International Olympic Committee voting.

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Some Remain Upbeat in Chicago Olympic Defeat

Win Sign

A Cubs' W sign is discarded in Daley Plaza. (Photo by Poppy Peterson)

By Caitlin Hacker and Manuel Argueta

Chicago may have lost the bid for the 2016 Olympic Games but the spirits of many interviewed at Daley Plaza on Friday were still high.

Daley Plaza was packed with people who had high hopes that the city of Chicago would represent the world for the future olympic games. Native Chicagoans, tourists and hopeful athletes gathered to support the city and to hear the International Olympic Committee’s announcement of the host city for the 2016 Games.

Police Sergeant O’Connor, who was working near the Plaza said, “It would be great for our city. Chicago is an international city and the Olympics are international games.”

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2016 Olympic Bid: Chicago Media Coverage

By Emily Torem

Following a surprising loss by Chicago in the first round of voting, media outlets quickly recoil their hopeful home pages. Check back for more stories and updates.

Chicago Tribune: Chicago Out After First Round of Voting- Breaking News Center has a timeline from Obama’s arrival in Copenhagen to Chicago’s elimination in the bid.

ABC 7 Local News: Chicago Loses 2016 Olympic Bid – 94 IOC votes were counted to eliminate Chicago in the first round of voting.

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