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Chicago’s Dumpster-Diving Treasures

NYC Bagel Dumpster Photo

This dumpster behind N.Y.C. Bagel at 1001 W. North Ave. shows how much food can go to waste. (Photo by Sachi Yoshitsugu)

Audio Slideshow: Chicago’s Dumpster-Diving Treasures.

Research shows that the United States spends $1 billion a year disposing of food waste.

Just walk down any alley behind Chicago restaurants, bars, grocery stores and bakeries, and you can see for yourself.

ChicagoStorytelling’s Nico Hagopian, Sachi Yoshitsugu and Alexis Pelayo did just that in reporting on food waste and “dumpster diving” — also known as freegans — who dine on what others toss into a dumpster.

Q&A: Kirsten Miller of FOX Chicago

Kirsten Miller

Kirsten Miller (Courtesy Photo)

Kirsten Miller of FOX Chicago News sees the future of online journalism as a fusion between a computer monitor and TV screen.

“People are going to start using their TVs as a computer monitor,” she said, “so they can browse the Internet while they watch TV.”

Miller, an interactive manager and senior web producer at FOX, teaches online journalism part-time at DePaul’s College of Communications.

She sat down with ChicagoStorytelling’s Alexis Pelayo to talk about backpack journalism, what skills today’s journalists need and the future of the industry.