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CYIC Hosts Social Justice Expo at Truman College

Audio Slideshow: 2010 CYIC Social Justice Expo Poetry Slam audio slideshow, including an excerpt of the poem “Temptation of My Mind.”

By Matt Gentile and James Mazurek

The Chicago Youth Initiating Change (CYIC) hosted its fourth annual social justice expo on May 20 at Truman College.

Students from all areas of the city and the nearby suburbs attended the event. The CYIC uses its social justice exposition every year to aware of issues to bring about social change.

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Baristas Keep Hospital Workers Wired, Awake

Mike Chikko Photo

Mike Chikko serves up coffee at the Starbucks located at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. (Photo by Kristin Rencher)

By Kristin Rencher

Mike Chikko, 25, lays his paper out across the table with his coffee held steady in his right hand. He glances over Chicago Tribune headlines, subtly dragging in the bold aroma of his Starbucks white chocolate mocha before taking a sip.

Like many other hard-working people, he relaxes during his lunch break, except his is at 2 a.m.

Starbucks baristas at Northwestern Memorial Hospital work around the clock, and the midnight shift staff say many exciting stories unfold during the overnight shift.

“It was completely different switching from day shift to night shift,” Nathan Papa, 25, another barista working the overnight shift. “In the morning, at the beginning of the workday, it’s so crowded that chatting with the customers was never an option. But during the midnight shift, it’s the complete opposite.”

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City’s Newspaper Hawkers Try to Make Ends Meet

By Kim Dunbar, PJ Randhawa and Randell Golman

“Good morning, good morning, Chicago Tribune, 75 cents!”

Keisha Coolidge repeats that phrase as people pass her on their way to work. She is peddling the Chicago Tribune from her spot on the corner of Van Buren and Michigan Avenues.

Coolidge is one of many Chicagoans who sell newspapers on the street in order to make a living. According to the Encyclopedia of Chicago, street peddling is in fact part of the city’s legacy, and has provided an important service to Chicago residents and continues to operate as an economic option for entrepreneurs.

From hot dog vendors to impromptu performances, people can find many things on Chicago streets. But for those who hawk newspapers to pay the bills, their reliance on selling what some experts say is a dying industry and product is a growing concern.

Coolidge, 23, is prepared for the worst.

“I’m looking for another job right now,” she said.

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Interview: Luis Arroyave, Chicago Tribune Entertainment Columnist and Blogger

Luis Arroyave Photo

Luis Arroyave (Photo Courtesy Chicago Tribune)

Luis Arroyave writes the blog “About Last Night” for the Chicago Tribune. His blog recaps the previous night’s events in the Windy City, which includes attending parties and interviewing celebrities.

ChicagoStorytelling’s Manuel Argueta interviewed Arroyave about covering celebrities, sports reporting and how he landed a job as an online journalist.

Interview: RedEye’s Curt Wagner

Curt Wagner or RedEye Photo

Curt Wagner of RedEye
(Photo Courtesy
of the Chicago Tribune)

If you want to know what channel to watch or what TV show to DVR, Curt Wagner is not shy about telling you. And he does so across multiple media platforms.

A print journalist for much of his 20-year career, Wagner writes the Show Patrol TV column for the RedEye, the Chicago Tribune’s sibling publication. Wagner also writes a blog by the same name and interacts with viewers over his Twitter account.

ChicagoStorytelling’s Tina Yeo asked Wagner about the changes he has seen in the industry over the past two decades and how he incorporates social media into his reporting.