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Lisle’s Sacred Heart Monastery Serves Community, Struggles to Survive

Sister Mary Bratrsovsky,66, is one of the younger Benedictine women.

Anyone who drives up a little winding driveway on Maple Drive in Lisle will find a very large brick building dating back to the beginning of the 20th century with the words Sacred Heart Monastery etched in the stone across the doorway. Ring the doorbell and the pitter patter of feet rush to oblige visitors from the outside world.

The elderly Benedictine women who have lived most of their adult lives there will gladly provide a tour of their beloved chapel and buildings and willingly chat with anyone who will listen to what their way of life is about.

AUDIO SLIDESHOW: Tour Sacred Heart Monastery and hear from the Benedictine sisters, as told by ChicagoStorytelling’s Victoria Beeks, Maria Khan, and Brian Miller.

“I’ve led a balanced life,” Sister Benita Jasurda, 82, said. “I take time out to pray, to be quiet, to read. Time to be alone, time to pray, and time to meditate. And also time to be out among the rest of the population.” Continue reading