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Chicagoans Disappointed Over IOC’s Decision

Video board in Daley Plaza broke the news to Chicagoans. (Photo by Poppy Peterson)

Video board in Daley Plaza broke the news to Chicagoans. (Photo by Poppy Peterson)

By Kelly McMahon

Minnie Hubbard came to Daley Plaza on Friday expecting to celebrate.

Instead, she was left wondering what happened to Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid.

“I lost my thoughts,” Hubbard said of Chicago’s first-round elimination. “[I was]
sure it was a guaranteed win.”

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Some Remain Upbeat in Chicago Olympic Defeat

Win Sign

A Cubs' W sign is discarded in Daley Plaza. (Photo by Poppy Peterson)

By Caitlin Hacker and Manuel Argueta

Chicago may have lost the bid for the 2016 Olympic Games but the spirits of many interviewed at Daley Plaza on Friday were still high.

Daley Plaza was packed with people who had high hopes that the city of Chicago would represent the world for the future olympic games. Native Chicagoans, tourists and hopeful athletes gathered to support the city and to hear the International Olympic Committee’s announcement of the host city for the 2016 Games.

Police Sergeant O’Connor, who was working near the Plaza said, “It would be great for our city. Chicago is an international city and the Olympics are international games.”

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2016 Olympic Bid: Chicago Blog Coverage

By Sachi Yoshitsugu

A breakdown of how the Chicago blogosphere covered the city’s early exit from the 2016 Olympic bid:

Windy Citizen – Watch the Live Stream of the Olympic Decision in Copenhagen

Chicagoist – Today’s Weather: Olympian

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