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‘Thieves of Hearts’ Uphold Medieval Traditions

By Tom Butala, Rob Fidler and Dan Ruano

“Weird, but mostly harmless,” reads the subtext of the FBI’s file on the Thieves of Hearts, according to group member Gwynneth verch Ieuan.

Considered to be the largest standing militia in Illinois, the Thieves are an armed organization that congregates regularly, but the probability of a militia attack from this group, at least by modern account, is highly unlikely.

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True Star Program Gives Chicago Youth a Chance

True Star

The True Star Foundation program gives Chicago students hands-on experience in the media arts, including magazines and radio.

Since the Fall of 2004, the True Star Foundation has been working with Chicago youth to teach them skills in journalism, marketing and publishing. The nonprofit organization that provides a creative outlet in the form of literary and professional development programs for youth.

ChicagoStorytelling’s Stephanie Williams, Cicely Teal and Essence McDowell spent time with the students, True Star’s founders and others to see how the program is making a difference in the kids’ lives.

Interview: Chicago Sun-Times Columnist and Huffington Post Blogger Esther Cepeda

Esther Cepeda

Esther Cepeda blogs and uses social media tools
such as Twitter to write about issues in Chicago.
(Courtesy Photo)

As a part-time columnist with the Chicago Sun-Times and author of her own blog, Esther Cepeda writes about second-generation Hispanics and Latinos whose stories might not be told in mainstream media.

Cepeda, who also writes for The Huffington Post, talked with ChicagoStorytelling’s Forrest Davis about how she uses social media in her coverage.

Interview: Windy Citizen’s Brad Flora

Brad Flora Photo

Brad Flora
(Courtesy Photo)

Brad Flora’s Twitter account describes him as a “journalist-turned-hacker.”

Flora does plenty of both as the creator of WindyCitizen. Like Digg.com, this social media-driven Chicago news site allows its users to “bump” stories up or down based on votes and popularity. It creates a hyperlocal, interactive experience for its readers.

Flora spoke with ChicagoStorytelling’s Stephanie Bork about his site, convergence reporting and the article he’s most proud of.

His answer to the latter may surprise you …

Q&A: Laura Washington of the Chicago Sun-Times

Laura Washington Photo

Laura Washington (Courtesy Photo)

In her journalism career that has spanned three decades, Laura Washington has reported across multiple platforms. She has written for newspapers, appeared on broadcast news programs and oversaw the launch of Web content as editor-in-chief of the The Chicago Reporter in the 1990s.

ChicagoStorytelling’s Kevin Dempsey talked with Washington about her column in the Chicago Sun-Times, how she once resisted the move to blogging, and how reporting fundamentals must still drive good journalism, regardless of the platform.