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Street Musicians Tell Their Stories Through Song

Sheldon Harris Photo

Sheldon Harris plays the Jackson Red Line stop. (Photo by Forrest Davis)

Audio Slideshow: ChicagoStorytelling’s Forrest Davis and Kevin Dempsey interview street musicians Sheldon Harris and Kevin A. Martin about their experiences playing in the subway.

Story by Jake Scott

Many people walk by a street musician with a preconceived notion that the performers are homeless or drug addicts with no talent.

But that’s not true, says Chicago street performer Sheldon Harris.

Harris performs in the Jackson Red Line subway stop, often playing nineties acoustic rock. He doesn’t make much money, but he said it is better when he travels to Europe to play.

Harris said he does not play for the money. For him, misconceptions are placed aside and people go to play their music just to present it to an audience of commuters, tourists and passersby.

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Q&A: Laura Washington of the Chicago Sun-Times

Laura Washington Photo

Laura Washington (Courtesy Photo)

In her journalism career that has spanned three decades, Laura Washington has reported across multiple platforms. She has written for newspapers, appeared on broadcast news programs and oversaw the launch of Web content as editor-in-chief of the The Chicago Reporter in the 1990s.

ChicagoStorytelling’s Kevin Dempsey talked with Washington about her column in the Chicago Sun-Times, how she once resisted the move to blogging, and how reporting fundamentals must still drive good journalism, regardless of the platform.

Olympic Loss a Downer in Daley Plaza

The crowd at Daley Plaza just after the announcement. (Photo by Jake Scott)

The crowd at Daley Plaza just after the announcement. (Photo by Jake Scott)

By Kevin Dempsey and Jake Scott

It went from high hopes, to the lowest of lows Friday as Chicago lost its bid for the 2016 Olympics with a last-place finish.

Outside of Daley Plaza, a crowd gathered to show support for the city’s bid and watch results. Within a moment, several in the crowd were stunned when they learned that Chicago lost in the first round of International Olympic Committee voting.

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