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The Resurrection Project Expanding to Melrose Park

Our Lady of Mt. Saint Carmel Photo

The satellite office at Our Lady of Mt. Saint Carmel Parish in Melrose Park. (Photo courtesy of The Resurrection Project)

Editor’s note: This is one in a series of stories that DePaul University’s News Now graduate journalism students are producing on Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

By Len Kody

The Resurrection Project in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood has moved beyond its focus on real estate development to a holistic approach that includes education initiatives and a satellite office in suburban Melrose Park.

“Not [only] brick and mortar” investment, said Pilsen-area tour guide Alex Morales-Aponte, “but human capital” is the new priority for The Resurrection Project’s development efforts.

Morales-Aponte spoke to a journalism class at DePaul University on Sept. 27 about the changing and growing mission of The Resurrection Project in Chicago. He is an authority on the Pilsen neighborhood. The formation and development of The Resurrection Project is intimately entwined with Pilsen’s rich, proud history.

“Pilsen’s history of activism provided the model” for The Resurrection Project, Morales-Aponte said.

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Pilsen, Melrose Park Receiving a Housing Boost Through Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Alex Morales-Aponte Photo

Alex Morales discusses Pilsen's housing situation during a visit to a DePaul University graduate journalism class. (Photo by Luz Garcia Cubillos)

By Matt Bailey

The housing stock around Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood is about to receive a $13.5 million boost.

Beginning this month, The Resurrection Project will put money from the city’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program into action.

Earlier in the year, suburban Melrose Park received a $4.5 million award through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program with the purpose of, “purchasing foreclosed homes and make them affordable,” according to Alex Morales, the resource development project manager for The Resurrection Project.

The larger allotment to the New City community area (which includes the Back of the Yards neighborhood that borders Pilsen) and subsequent rehabilitation will benefit those individuals and families earning 50 percent, or less of the Area Median Income.

The Resurrection Project has been involved in the affordable housing business for more than a decade, and Morales said it has earned the trust of Pilsen residents through its support.

“We have turned $30,000 [their initial funding grant] into $100 million in community reinvestment,” he said.

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