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Chicago’s Vinyl Record Stores Survive CDs, .mP3s

Chicago Record Photo

Audio Slideshow: Visit three Chicago record stores

By Leah Hendrickson, Jeremy Mikula and Katie Schweiker

In a world of iPods, Zunes, .mp3s, .wavs, .flacs, .aifs, .rms, .snds and other digital audio formats, 33 1/3 revolutions per minute still counts to some. Despite Apple’s announcement that the 10 billionth song was downloaded from iTunes in February, many Chicagoans still listen to vinyl Long Play (LP) records from both new and old artists.

“.mp3s were really cool, and they still are,” said Dave Hofer, a new products buyer at Reckless Records’ Wicker Park location. “You could fit so many of them into a little thing, you know. You don’t have to carry a book of CDs in your car anymore, for example. But there’s just something about vinyl that draws people in.”

Reckless is a music store with three Chicago locations that sells new and used vinyl – LPs, 45s, and 78s – and used DVDs and CDs. In spite of the era of readily available digital media and an economic downturn, they still do a pretty good business, Hofer said.

Map: View Chicago Record Stores in a larger map

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Chicago Music Venues Metro and Subterranean Showcase Local and National Bands

The Hush Sound Photo

Chicago-based band The Hush Sound plays at the Metro. (Photo by Julian Zeng)

Audio Slideshow: Jenny Lizak, director of publicity at Metro, and Jamie Miller and Pierce Burke of Chicago-based band Universe, talk about Metro and Subterranean and how the venues have helped promote local musicians.

By Ali Trumbull and Julian Zeng

Jamie Miller and Pierce Burke live in a city full of opportunities. Miller, 22, is the lead singer and songwriter of Chicago-based band Universe.

Burke, 20 is the drummer for the local band and he has been a united force with Miller for six years, helping him find the perfect members to help bring the lyrics to life. Singer and keyboardist Kat Smidt, 20; guitarist Paul Fleck, 25; and bassist Ryan White, 23, complete this alternative punk band that is fresh to the Chicago music scene.

Chicago boasts some of the most unique and well-known music venues in the country. These venues not only allow concertgoers to see some of their favorite national artists, but they allow local acts to perform and promote themselves in Chicago.

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Chicago’s Overnight Radio: Who’s Listening?

DJ Steven Chesney Photo

DJ Steven Chesney broadcasts on Internet radio station CHIRP. (Photo by Louis McGill)

By Louis McGill

At 3 a.m., the streets around CHIRP radio’s studio are quiet, and DJ Steven Chesney is signing off.

“It might sound strange, but I like the isolation,” he said. “It’s very relaxing and very cathartic. I’m the only one in the entire building. I feel like I’m the only man on Earth.”

Chesney is the Chicago Independent Radio Project’s only night DJ, and like everyone else who works there, he volunteered for the time slot. He is a night owl by nature. He works nights for his paying job, and when he worked for a Deerborn, Michigan, college station he played the night shift as well.

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GrooveSlanger Radio: DJ Brad Habit

GrooveSlanger Screengrab

ChicagoStorytelling’s Tom Butala has created the site GrooveSlanger Dance Multimedia, which “shares the latest and greatest of dance music, news and events.”

The site features a weekly podcast, GrooveSlanger Radio, which this week includes an music mixes and commentary from guest Brad Habit, who’s DJing in Chicago-area clubs.

Podcast: Interview with Pete Cho of Punky Fresh

Radio DePaul

ChicagoStorytelling’s Ali Trumbull has a music segment on Sundays at 2 p.m. CT on Radio DePaul that is part of “The Curious Sophisticate” program. She interviews bands and musicians from Chicago or artists soon performing in Chicago.

For the next couple of weeks, Trumbull will focus on the electronic music genre. This week, she interviewed Pete Cho of Punky Fresh. The interview starts after a one-minute music intro.

Punky Fresh on the Curious Sophisticate at Radio DePaul by Ali Trumbull

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