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Q&A: Lindsey Schneider of FLYPmedia

Lindsey Schneider

Lindsey Schneider
(Courtesy Photo)

FLYPmedia.com has a small staff, but the New York City-based site has made a big impact on the way media are using interactive storytelling techniques.

The site bills itself as “more than a magazine” and has attracted some top media talent, including former Time magazine journalist Jim Gaines, who serves as FLYP’s editor-in-chief.

Lindsey Schneider works as a copy editor at FLYP. But she tells ChicagoStorytelling’s Jessica Ernst that she does so much more with this innovative site: She also writes, films, manages projects and codes hypertext markup language.

Q&A: Dodai Stewart of Jezebel.com

Dodai Stewart

Dodai Stewart (Photo Courtesy Jezebel.com)

Dodai Stewart, deputy editor of celebrity Web site Jezebel.com, says she likes to tackle popular culture and current events concisely and with humor.

Stewart talked with ChicagoStorytelling’s Hinalee Darbar about her career, her workday and the differences she sees between blogging and journalism.