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CPS Undergoes Budget Cuts as CEO Gets a Raise

By Rachel Metea and Leena Saleh

Chicago Public Schools are taking a major hit in light of recent budget cuts. Schools are now facing the elimination of teachers, sophomore sports and school materials.

The proposed budget for the next year plans to cut $1.3 billion dollars in funding for education within the state of Illinois. In Chicago $368 million will be cut to the Chicago Public School system. Statewide, 30,000 teachers will be without jobs come September and in Chicago 2,700 teaching jobs have been eliminated.

At the same time, the CEO of Chicago Public Schools Ron Huberman awarded himself a $300,000 yearly pay increase as well as giving his administrative staff raises. Outlined in the budget, the top officials in each of the 53 departments within CPS as well as many of their assistants have received raises this year.

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