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Chicago’s nextScholars Paves Way for Students

Celebrations begin after decisions are announced. (Photo by Phillip Shilling)

Audio Slideshow: Follow the journey of these Chicago college hopefuls.

By Audrey Plank, Elizabeth Schuetz and Phillip Shilling

Despite 40 mph winds whistling outside, students from more than 80 Chicago-area high schools gathered on Oct. 26 to attend the Fourth annual Chicago Scholars Onsite Admissions Event at the UIC Forum.

While the morning was dark, dreary, and rainy, the atmosphere inside the UIC Forum was anything but. Amid interviews and introductions were cheers of joy and excitement as scholars gained admission and scholarships to national universities on the spot.

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Women Entrepreneurs Find New Opportunities

By Audrey Leon, Lauren B. Howard and Ambar Gilmore

Maribel Lopez Velazquez starts every day at 6 a.m. enthusiastically greeting busy parents and sleepy children from the top of her front porch at her Cicero home day care center.

Lopez Velazquez, 37, a single mother of four teenage children, lights up with joy whenever she talks about her students that range from infants to 12-years-old.

“Loving children is not the ingredient you need to open up your child care,” Lopez Velazquez said. “The ingredient you need is dedication, perseverance, you want to do something for yourself.”

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